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Chelsea is interviewed and observed as she works during independent writing time. She is asked about what instructions I gave, what she learned, and what she is working on. Chelsea also provides a definition of what it means to "stretch out a story."


I see here that Chelsea has a good understanding of her purpose as a writer. She has a plan for how to really bring the reader into the story, and she demonstrates an understanding what is important. She is working on stretching out events and thinking carefully about ways to do that. The writing she did that day showed that she really tried out the strategies taught in the mini-lesson and during active involvement.


VISITOR: Could you explain to me what the teacher told you to do during independent work today?
STUDENT: He told us to write and have reaction for an important part and she told us to visualize and she told us to stop and then visualize the actions in the story.
VISITOR: Okay. That's really helpful. Are you working right now?
VISITOR: Are you doing a lot of work during independent work time? You've done a lot. Can you tell me all the things you've done during independent work time since you started?
STUDENT: Ever since I started? The first time I started I was sketching out a picture and sketching out and I was about to color them but my teacher said not to. She said to write some down and I stretched the first part and I stretched the middle part out. And now I'm trying to stretch out this part because it's getting to the end part so I can tell when they've broken it.
VISITOR: And what did you do - what part did you do since we sat down today? What part did you do just now?
STUDENT: What I just did now, I was working on this page so I can stretch it out.
VISITOR: What did you do on that page?
STUDENT: Stretched it out, when my mom was on the computer because she's usually on the computer a lot of times every day because she has to work.
VISITOR: I just have one more question for you. Sorry to take up your work time. What does, stretch it out, mean?
STUDENT: Stretching out means - stretching out means that you stretch it out and tell them a lot about this page. So you stretch it out so like you make the person who's reading it really feel like they're in the story. So I stretched it out on this page.

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