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In this clip, Christine responds to questions about her significant event. Christine is a very shy little girl. She actually chose to write about when she had an opportunity to be a flower girl in her big cousin's wedding. She was able to include her shyness in her writing and explain why the event was important to her.


I was pretty impressed with what Christine was able to do independently. She talked about her favorite genre being informational and she nailed it by saying informational writing was writing all about a particular topic. The writing she showed in her sourcebook about how to make a sandwich was actually an example of functional writing. Functional is the genre we covered just prior to this narrative study.


VISITOR: How is it going?
VISITOR: You look like you've got a lot of work done already.
VISITOR: Are you - what are you writing about? Do you mind me asking?
STUDENT: Um, I was writing about when I was going to a first wedding. I was so shy.
VISITOR: Yeah. That's interesting. So you're writing about why you were shy, or about the events?
VISITOR: Yeah? Whose wedding was it?
STUDENT: Um, it was like my like big cousin's wedding.
VISITOR: Are you going to tell it - are you going to put the details in it?
VISITOR: So we can imagine being there?
VISITOR: You look like you've got a lot of writing in your notebook, huh?
VISITOR: What kind of writing do you like to do?
STUDENT: Um, I like to do like informational.
VISITOR: What's that mean?
STUDENT: It means like, um, you write about, like all about things you know about.
VISITOR: Can you show me an example of something you've written before in your book?
STUDENT: It's right here.
VISITOR: What's that one about?
STUDENT: It's about how to make a sandwich.
VISITOR: How to make a sandwich? That's very informational. Now I understand. Okay. Do you enjoy writing?
VISITOR: You do?
STUDENT: I know that I went to the wedding. It was my first wedding. I was shy when it started. I wear a flowered little dress. I was shy when I wear it and I know that it was important to wear it. When I was shy, I put my head down when I was watching. I was scared too. When I went home I thought that it was not a shy time.

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